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vue js seo
SEO checklist for Vue InstantSearch Algolia.
Merchandise products on search results pages. Visual Image Search. Image classification and tagging. Search by image. Build a voice to text search. Developer Hub. Guides Building Search UI Resources. SEO Checklist for Vue InstantSearch. Edit this guide A Edit this guide.
vue js seo
Technical SEO for React, Angular, Vue other Single Page Applications Reflexive Media.
At Reflexive Media, our advanced engineering staff will execute a plan to apply javascript SEO best practices to your client-side rendering site and get you on top of the SEO rankings so critical to your business marketing success. JS Framework SEO.
vue js seo
Is My Single-Page Application SEO Friendly? - Vue.js Developers.
Be skeptical of JavaScript. Googlebot had no issues rendering Vue HackerNews. But we shouldn't' conclude it can render all JavaScript so flawlessly. Google's' 2014 announcement about JavaScript rendering made it clear that there would be no guarantee, although most developers seem to have overlooked that. Just like a browser, Googlebot must have a JavaScript engine with a particular subset of implemented web standards and ES features, and its particular idiosyncrasies for how those are implemented. According to this video from Google developers Addy Osmani and Rob Dodson released Nov 2017, Googlebot is currently based on Chrome 41. There are a lot of new APIs that have been released since version 41, and if you used any of them, presumably Googlebot would not be able to render and index your page. You may think this is a trivial issue, as you would need to transpile or polyfill such features for older browsers anyway. The point, though, is that you shouldn't' have blind faith in your app being run correctly by every search crawler, just as you wouldn't' have blind faith in your app being run correctly by every browser. Don't' forget the O" in SEO" stands for optimization.
Optimize SEO and Social Media Sharing in a Nuxt blog.
It's' true that you can do much more to improve SEO, mostly dependent on the quality of the content you write. But at least with the right meta tags and a sitemap you cover the basics of it. Now that the blog it's' ready, what's' next? The last step: deploy it. Coming next week! How we built our blog as a full-static site with Nuxt, Storyblok and TailwindCSS. This article is part of an amazing guide. Setting Up a Full Static Nuxt Site. Creating UI Components based on a Design System in Vue.js. Setting up the blog content structure in Storyblok. Show the Blog Content in Nuxt Using Storyblok API. Tags and Search Functionality in Nuxt Using Storyblok API. Optimize SEO and Social Media Sharing in a Nuxt blog. Generate and deploy the blog as a full static Nuxt site. Alex Jover Morales. Aug 18, 2020. 8 min read. Share on Twitter or LinkedIn. JAM Stack SEO. Get access to the free courses and more than 240 lessons on Vue, Nuxt and JavaScript.
Make your Vue.js application SEO friendly by Cristi Jora BinarCode Medium.
Make sure you take the right decisions from the start and make your website SEO friendly. More from BinarCode. BinarCode is a software development company with focus on full stack web development and open source. We specialize in Javascript based technologies and aim to provide high quality, performant and maintainable solutions tailored to your needs Read more from BinarCode. Recommended from Medium. Javascript: ES6, Cross-browser testing, and error handling. Everything About Redux. JavaScript in Plain English. Pre-render Dynamic Routes with Next.js. Do you really think JSON.parse and JSON.stringify are that simple? Trick to refresh the model object assigned before update. Pixels to rem conversion table when your root: font-size: 16px.; Level Up Coding. Sign In with Google OAuth in Angular 8. What is coercion in JavaScript and why you need to avoid it? About Help Terms Privacy. Get the Medium app. More from Medium. How To Build A Custom WordPress Website using Oxygen Builder-Ryan Cassidy. How to unzip an uploaded zip folder in Vue js using JSZip.
Vue SEO Vue.js: protegendo recursos com autenticação e VueX Solucionado.
Boa Noite, publiquei meu site em vue. porém estou tendo problemas com a indexação do Google e com os botões de compartilhamento das redes sociais. Pesquisando um pouco li que tem respeito com o robô do Google que não indexa SPA'S' por causa do Java Script e então não consegue ler as tags meta.
SEO with Vue.js - Prismic.
All Technologies Vue.js SEO. Optimize for Search Engines. Vue is a fast, modern web framework, but it comes with concerns regarding search engine optimization SEO. On this page, you'll' learn a little about SEO strategies with Vue and Prismic. Understanding SEO with Vue. The main SEO issue that comes with Vue.js has to do with search engine crawlers. With basic Vue, most page content is rendered after the page initially loads, in the user's' browser. A traditional search engine crawler will only see the initial page load - without any content - and assume the page is basically blank, which is bad for SEO. Do I need to worry? The good news about this issue is that it seems to be going away on its own. Google is getting better and better every day at crawling content rendered in the user's' browser.
Vue JS SEO - Single Page Applications SPA.
If you are not able to use SSR, there is another effective way - Prerendering and it works well for a small SPA with only a few pages. With this method, there is no need to attach the SPA on any server and rendering is done on the client side using third-party plugins like It is generally implemented with a headless browser such as Chrome. Prerendering also has its own drawbacks such as challenges for pages displaying changing data, the need to prerender each route in the app and its incompatibility with pages with user-specific content. We hope this guide on SEO Optimization of Vue JS apps and sites help you use the framework for modern app development while overcoming the SEO problems.
How to Make a Vue.js Website SEO Friendly - DZone Web Dev.
Many popular websites like Behance and GitLab are built with Vue.js. Vue.js and SEO: How to Make it SEO-Friendly. Here's' a quick list of best practices to keep in mind.: Use 'History' Mode instead of the traditional 'Hash' Mode. Use the Vue Router. Add meta tags with the Vue-meta npm package. Use Lazy Loading for components. Use pre-rendering or server-side rendering. Improve page loading speed in Vue.js. Mobile optimization with material design. Use 'History' Mode Instead of Traditional 'Hash' Mode. You might have noticed Hashtags in many URLs. As a matter of fact, it is really difficult to get hashtag URLs indexed in Google, and ranking with these URLs is even more difficult. If you search a keyword on Google, you may notice the top 10 results are clean URLs, like To remove hashtags and make the URL clean, you can use the History mode. Thanks to Vue CLI 3, you will be asked to choose between hash mode and history mode while initializing your project.
SEO and Meta Tags - A Vue.js Lesson From our Vue.js Course. Vue JS course and tutorial. Vue JS course and tutorial. Learn Vue JS course. Learn Javascript and Vue JS. Learn VueJS course. Learn VueJS Tutorial.
Courses Workshops Masterclass Plans. Hiring Corporate Training. Courses Workshops Masterclass Plans Hiring Corporate Training Login Create account. SEO and Meta Tags. In this lesson, we're' going to learn how Nuxt.js can make our JavaScript applications SEO friendly with pre-rendering and meta tags.

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